Bill's Porsche 911/996 Carrera - Kundalini

Project Kundalini - The Ultimate Family Porsche Convertible

With the loss of the dune buggy, and no more sailboat, how does Valerie reward Bill for 21 years of marriage? With a 2000 Porsche convertible! What a woman!

Track the on-going Kundalini project as Bill slowly refines the car for the ultimate ride.

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Kundalini - The 996 Porsche Carrera

The Ultimate Guy's Car
The Ultimate Guy's Car
The Ultimate Guy's Car

Switching Porsche 911 to LED Lights

One of the most amazing changes we've made to the car is to switch over to LED tailights. The change over was very easy.

We purchased Spyder Auto ALT-ON-P99699-LED-RC Porsche 996 Red/Clear LED Tail Light
They were delivered within a week, and were packed/boxed such that there was no damage.

Only one minor modification was needed to make the lights work and took about 5 minutes to do with a Dremel .

Porsche The new unit required only one minor modification, the notching of plastic. This photo is of a light insertion hole on the new unit. Notice it has 2 notches in it.

Porsche The original unit's same light hole is shown. Notice it has 3 notches? So the new one had to be notched to match.

Porsche To wire in the new unit, I (Bill) decided to pull the old unit out of the car but leave it wired. Then I put the new unit next to it, and transferred one light or wire at a time. With each movement, the lights were checked to ensure I didn't screw anything up.

The unit purchased did not have any instructions, so the use of logical deduction was applied to figure out what went where. For the wires that are questionable, look carefully at the sockets inside of the unit to figure out what goes were.

Porsche Here is the back end of the car, with the old light assembly and new LED light assembly installed.

LED Taillights on 911 Porsche
Damn! The result looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. :) Well worth it.
Modifications So Far
LED Tailights
Clear Blinkers
Wheel Centercaps
Porsche Air Stems
Alpine Rear Camera
Pioneer Audio/Visual System
Gemballa Exhaust Tips (PO)
Vosstek Pedals (PO)
3 piece BBS wheels (PO)
Lowered (PO)
Bodykit (PO)