Bill And Val - Videos

Bill and Val - Videos

The Bill and Val videos are all over the board. Some are serious, some are crazy, some are silly, some are fun, and some are just plain stupid! Each one was created by us.

The goal for all our videos is to have an Enjoyment Quotient (EQ) greater than 1.

EQ = WM/CM, where:

WM = Watched Minutes = Number of people who watched the video * Number of minutes in the video
CM = Creation Minutes = Number of minutes spent creating the video

Tai Chi Smack - Old Master Video - Hong Kong, China

Tai Chi Smack was filmed by Bill while he was in Hong Kong, China. He found himself in a park surrounded by many Chinese doing their morning exercise. This one particular guy, however, set himself apart. You will notice in the background another photographer taking photos of the same guy. It is set Godsmack's VooDoo song.

Fast and Spurious - Autorickshaw Racing - Bangalore India

Fast and Spurious was filmed by Bill while he was in Bangalore, India. He and a friend just had to take a ride in one of these crazy vehicles!

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